EvoShine Screed ES22

EvoShine Screed ES22


Evoshine ES22 is a solvent-less epoxy-based self-leveling screed suitable for applying 1mm to 5mm self-leveling underlay to cover surface imperfections and unevenness on concrete substrates. Its self-leveled three-component epoxy system provides a proper base for the application of self-leveling top coats. EVOSHINE ES22 consists of special resins and graded aggregates formulated to withstand chemical attack and impact shock.



12 Sqm / 1mm / 18 Kg Kit

  • Loading/unloading bays.
  • Warehouses & store rooms.
  • Tool rooms, workshops and service stations.
  • Equipment stores and auxiliary areas.
  • Manufacturing & packing areas.
  • Perfection: Smoothens and covers imperfections, providing a flawless surface.
  • Self-Leveling Ease: Easy to apply, ensuring an even and consistent finish.
  • Strong Base for Top Coats: Acts as a robust base for self-leveling top coats, enhancing durability.
  • Chemical and Impact Resistance: Withstands chemical exposure and impact, ensuring longevity.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for various industrial and commercial spaces.


18 Kg Kit

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