EvoShine Primer EP11

EvoShine Primer EP11


Evoshine EP11 is a two-component solvent based epoxy flooring primer, that allows the primer to penetrate into the concrete substrate and seal it with a non-porous finish, resulting in a superior bond. The EP11 contains specially formulated resins and hardeners which are able to withstand all the surface abrasions. This is mainly used to provide a good surface finish on applied topcoats.



50 - 60 Sqft/ltr per two coats (coverage mainly varies on the surface porosity)


    Recommended for chemical, Pharmaceutical, Clean room, food processing area, laboratories, demonstration & training rooms, electrical & electronics assembly plants, packing & storage area, automobile showroom, light & heavy vehicle manufacturing units for interior floors protected from the sun and other interior concrete surfaces. Not for use on exterior surfaces.

  • Prevents Outgassing: Primers help in reducing outgassing, a process where air or gas bubbles escape from the substrate, ensuring a bubble-free and smooth epoxy coating.
  • Seals Porous Surfaces: EP11 Epoxy flooring primer effectively seals porous surfaces, preventing air bubbles and pinholes in the final epoxy coating. This ensures a smoother, more professional finish.
  • Bond Strength: EP11 significantly enhances the bond strength between the substrate and the epoxy layer, ensuring a robust and long-lasting flooring system.


10 ltr & 40 ltr packs

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    Technical Data Sheet (TDS)