Cementitious Self-levelling Floor

Self-levelling underlayment is polymer-modified cement that has superior flow characteristics, which flows with gravity to level uneven & rough surfaces. Seela Super provides an ultrasmooth and seamless finish to the floor. Seela Super comes with the latest modified technology which improves levelling, finishing, strength & durability.

Seela Super is also known as Floating cement due to its ability to float and level the surface. The thickness of floor can be carried out from 3mm to 7mm which depends upon level and roughness of the surface.

The Super 999 powder is a single-component ready-to-use product, requiring a mix of water as per the powder: water ratio. As a result of the mixed viscosity, the product remains a homogeneous and perfect integrational mix.

SEELA PRIMER is High Performance mastic waterproofing membranes, High water resistant, VOC free primer, Designed to Promote the adhesion of all Cementitious floor Levelling Compound to absorbent and non-absorbent Surfaces.

Self-Leveling Floors for Commercial Spaces: Where Durability Meets Elegance
Experience the ideal flooring solution for your business. Self-leveling floors seamlessly combine high-performance durability with an aesthetically pleasing finish. The advanced polymer technology ensures even distribution, creating a level surface that withstands heavy foot traffic. From retail stores to office complexes, these floors offer a low-maintenance, long-lasting investment that enhances both functionality and visual appeal.
Transform Your Space: Self-Leveling Floors Unleashed
Wrap up with an inspiring message about the transformative power of self-leveling floors. Highlight their ability to turn rough beginnings into beautiful endings and how they empower you to create the space you've always envisioned.